• Do I really need to deworm my pet?
    Deworming is a topic that many animal owners have heard of, but unfortunately is one of the most common ones to be forgotten about.  It is also a topic that Read more
  • My Cat Is Just Old...isn't he?
    At Wascana Animal Hospital the health of our older patients is just as important to us as in our cute fluffy kittens!  Most veterinarians will consider cats to be senior at Read more
  • What's Kennel Cough?
    Our canine friends can cough for a number of reasons, but infectious agents often rank near the top of the list as a possible cause and currently at our hospital we have seen Read more
  • February is Dental Health Month!
    February is Dental Health Month! Good oral care for our patients is always a priority at our hospital, but during the month of February it is an area of pet healthcare we Read more

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