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Holiday Pampering for Your Pet!

Who doesn’t love a little holiday pampering? And, of course we want to share that love with our pets! Here are a few of our favourite, pet-safe holiday treats and gift ideas for your pets:

  • Allergic pet? No problem. Here’s a holiday treat they can enjoy too.! Take a few of your pet’s prescription hypoallergenic kibbles, place them in a zip lock bag and use a rolling pin to crush them finely. Place the crumbs in a bowl and mix with water to form a pliable paste/dough. Form the mixture into moulds and freeze. Treat your pet with Hypoallergenic Pupsicles any time of the year! This also works well with the canned hypoallergenic diets separated into an ice cube tray!
  • Looking for stocking stuffers? When perusing the treat aisle look for the VOHC symbol. The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) approved products are safe for your pet’s teeth. Treats and toys that are made of hard materials or rough shapes may damage your pet’s teeth. Crown fractures are common and often result in the need for a root canal or extraction of the tooth. Visit www.vohc.org for a list of approved pet dental products.
  • Christmas hair cut on the books? Make sure your pet’s vaccines and external parasite prevention is up to date before scheduling their appointment and the groomer's.
  • Paw pads or nose cracking in the cold weather? Consider a paw balm as a treatment to help heal and protect your pup’s paws. Sensitive feet may require boots for walks down the sidewalk in winter. These make great gifts too!
  • Cats in sweaters… need we say more?? If you choose to dress you pet in coats or sweaters this holiday please be sure that the clothing fits appropriately and is not restricting breathing or movement. Monitor for signs that the clothing is rubbing or chaffing. Some of the most vulnerable areas of a pet's skin are around the collar and under the arm pits. Do not leave your pet “dressed up” and unattended. Many fabrics are prone to snagging and may leave your pet stuck to whatever snagged their sweater such as the backyard fence or the box spring under the bed!

....and most of all this holiday season, give your pet the gift of preventative care!  If they are overdue for their annual wellness exam or if you wish to be proactive with their preventative care, consider having their bloodwork and urinalysis performed in our lab (especially for your senior pets!) to pick up on early underlying diseases.  Schedule an examination with one of our veterinarians and start the New Year off on the right paw!

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