"How To" Videos for our Clients

Our team at Wascana Animal Hospital wants to make sure that when you get home after your visit with us, you have access to a "refresher" on some of the treatment instructions we showed you. So don't worry if you can't remember everything, these videos will give you a quick re-cap! However, if you still have questions about a treatment method or medication, be sure to contact us at 306-789-0918!

How to Put in Eye Drops

How to Put in Eye Ointment

How to Clean Ears

How to Put in Ear Medication

How to Put the E-Collar Back On

How to use the After Surgery Wear

How to Give Liquid Medication to a Cat

How to Give an Insulin Injection

How to Brush Your Pet's Teeth

How to give Subcutaneous (under the skin) Fluids to your pet

How to apply Topical Medication to Your Pet (ex: Profender, Revolution, Advantage)

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