Laser Therapy

Wascana Animal Hospital is pleased to offer laser treatment therapy for our patients!  Super pulse laser (SPL) technology can be utilized to reduce pain and inflammation and promote healing.   Depending on the condition, some patients may benefit from a single treatment and others may require multiple treatments on a long term basis.

Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience that can occur from a myriad of injuries or diseases.  SPL therapy treats pain in several ways; it acts by decreasing C fiber activity and blocking neuron depolarization.  It reduces the release of histamine and substance P,  overall interrupting pain "pathways" and hypersensitivity.  SPL therapy also increases the production of endorphins and nitric oxide.  Laser therapy can be very effective for reducing both acute and chronic pain with both short and long term results. 

Super pulse lasers use innovative technology to deliver light energy to tissue to reduce pain and increase circulation.  The laser combines clinically proven wavelengths to create the energy effect which allows for deeper penetration and enhanced absorption of light.  With this technology, super pulse lasers can deliver more power than most class IV lasers, yet with higher degrees of safety.  The SPL our hospital uses has been classified by the FDA as having NHN approval.  This means our laser emits energy in the infrared or other wavelengths providing a non-heating, non-thermal effect to avoid tissue damage.   

We routinely provide all of our patients having elective surgery (spays and neuters) with a complimentary post-operative laser treatment to immediately aid in reducing pain and to stimulate the healing process! 

Laser therapy is also an excellent adjunct (drug-free) treatment that can help reduce pain and improve range of motion for patients with chronic musculoskeletal injuries such as back pain, cruciate injuries, and arthritis.  One of our veterinarians would be happy to discuss whether laser therapy would be appropriate for your pet at their next examination!
Patients tolerate having the laser treatments very well - many find them so relaxing that they lay down and are reluctant to go home!  Our patient featured below is receiving laser therapy treatment on some of the muscle trigger points around her hip joint!

Laser Treatment

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