"It was shortly after Niko's 1st birthday that we started noticing some concerning changes.  Niko became very hesitant to jump onto higher objects like the window sill or bathroom counter, which he normally did with ease.  When he would attempt to jump, he would sometimes miss and fall.  This progressed to the point he wouldn't jump at all, even onto low objects like his bed or cat tree.  It was when Niko started to walk on his hocks (flat-footed on both his hind legs) that we became really concerned and took him to see Dr. Ulmer.  Dr. Ulmer said she had never seen these symptoms before in a cat as young as Niko.  She ran some initial lab tests (blood work, urine, special viral tests) as well as x-rays but they all came back negative.  This meant all of the most common possibilities were ruled out.  This left us very scared.  Dr. Ulmer presented us with a list of options we could take, but in her opinion, the best option was to refer Niko to a neurologist for further advanced testing.  One of the things Dr. Ulmer also mentioned, was that while we were waiting to see the neurologist we could consider trying acupuncture.  Though Dr. Ulmer has done acupuncture on many patients, she made it clear to us that she had never treated these particular symptoms in a cat before with acupuncture.  We were very skeptical, and to be honest, thought it sounded a bit crazy!  But, we also knew that if it came down to Niko having to go to the neurologist, that we would be facing very expensive tests that could run thousands of dollars.

From the moment that Niko went for his first acupuncture treatment in January of 2017, we started noticing improvements.  They were small at first, but they were certain enough that we decided to postpone going to the neurologist.  There was one point at which Niko hit a plateau in his response to treatment, so at Dr. Ulmer's suggestion, we moved from dry needle treatments to electroacupuncture.  The improvements from that point were drastic! Niko rapidly began regaining strength in his legs, he was leaping again without hesitation, and overall was back to his happy cat self.  He had his last acupuncture treatment in May of 2017.  Now as we write this testimonial almost one year later, we are happy to report that Niko is as healthy and rambunctious as ever.  You would never be able to tell what he has been through! 

We are so thankful to Dr. Ulmer. From our very first appointment with her, she was so caring and compassionate - she genuinely cared about Niko and his progress.  She was also very knowledgeable and always explained all of our options to us in detail.  In addition, she never forced anything on us and always made it clear that she supported us in whatever decisions we made.  We may not know anything about veterinary medicine, but from our perspective, Dr. Ulmer and acupuncture saved Niko's life!"

-The Martin Family and "Niko"


"Dr. Potts is by far the most informative and sincere veterinarian we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. He cares and is genuine and willing to go the distance to help his patients and their families even. He’s an animal lover himself and is truly willing to help whenever he can. He has no problems discussing issues and offering advice over the phone and he won’t brush you off even if he is busy - he really does make the time. He’s helped us with everything from shots, to our dog's food allergies, to our dog's aggression issues, and he’s offered advice and suggestions from management and control to proper care. We really are grateful to have a vet like him to help us with our fur babies!"

-Nathan Laturnas

"We met Dr. Ulmer first. We really liked the very personal and positive way that she dealt with our adult schnauzers as well as ourselves.  When Dr. Ulmer was on maternity leave, we weren't sure who would be able to give our dogs the same kind of care we were used to. Then we met Dr. Potts. He has given us the same caring, efficient and compassionate service! We dealt with both Dr. Ulmer and Dr. Potts during the loss of our eldest Schnauzer. They both are very compassionate and were helpful to us during that time! We have also encouraged our son to bring his dog to Wascana Animal Hospital to experience the great service there.  We would recommend Drs. Andrea Ulmer and Eric Potts for any of your veterinary needs."

-Rick & Brenda Cradock

"Our family first met Dr. Ulmer in the summer of 2012 when our 8 year old chocolate lab Brandy had a small bump on her hind leg.  During this initial appointment was where Dr.Ulmer proved herself immediately  as knowledgeable, resourceful & most importantly a caring veterinarian.  She ran the initial tests and outlined to us exactly what we may be up against depending on the results.  Within a week we got the news that Brandy had a mast cell tumor, which she felt should be removed immediately.  Dr.Ulmer provided our family all the options she felt were best for Brandy and helped us  make the decision to go ahead with the surgery.  She was with us the whole way through the pre-op, the surgery itself and the post surgery care.  We are forever grateful to Dr. Ulmer for the exceptional care she provided not only for Brandy but my husband and I.  Dr. Ulmer continued to care for Brandy over the next year.  She followed up and helped us with her pre-existing hypothyroid disease, and helped us to over come a food sensitivity the she had also developed with age.  Little to say we kept her busy! In November of 2013 we discovered another tumor on Brandy’s opposite hind leg.  With heavy hearts we headed back to clinic as Dr. Ulmer had previously explained there was a great chance that another tumor could develop.  Again Dr. Ulmer guided our family through the options and helped us make the decision to operate again, as Brandy was otherwise in great health.  Once again Brandy pulled through the second surgery with Dr. Ulmer's help. Today Brandy is 11 and maybe a little slower but she is still living life to the fullest, with the help of Dr. Ulmer and her team.  Over the years we have recommended Dr. Ulmer to various family and friends and as expected everyone has received exceptional care not only for their beloved pet but their family.  Dr. Ulmer is a veterinarian that goes above and beyond and we are forever grateful to her for everything she has done for our family and most importantly Brandy."

-Brad, Megan & "Brandy" Dempsey

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