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Holiday House Plant Pet Safety Tips...

Festive Foliage – nothing beats that evergreen smell of fresh winter greenery or the bright red punch of a poinsetta during the holidays!  As you’re ordering and arranging your festive foliage, keep in mind that some holiday plants may be toxic to your pet family members.

  • The Christmas tree itself may be dropping needles (please see our previous blog for more info on trees) which if ingested in large enough quantities can cause GI upset as well as potential blockages
  • Poinsettias can potentially be toxic if ingested in large enough amounts. If smaller amounts are ingested (leaf or flower chewed) you will often only see mild symptoms associated with irritation of the mouth. This may present as drooling, excessive licking or lip smacking. Most cases are mild and resolve on their own if you can rinse out the mouth, but if symptoms persist, or if your pet is vomiting/has diarrhea you may need to add a trip to our vet clinic to your to-do list.
  • Mistletoe, so romantic… and yet… so poisonous. Ingestion often results in an upset stomach, but this plant can also have toxic effects on the heart and blood pressure. This one warrants a visit to our hospital!
  • Amaryllis ingestion can cause anything from mild stomach upset to severe depression, tremors, and abdominal pain. Definitely call our hospital if this plant goes missing from your counter over the holidays.

Overall, do your best when selecting your fresh holiday arrangements to keep your four-legged family members in mind. If the unexpected happens and you do catch Fido chewing on or eating your arrangements, call our veterinary hospital where we can help you discern which pets need emergency treatment and which scenarios are safe to monitor at home. 

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