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Cold Weather & Your Pet's Mobility

Tips to keep your pet moving comfortably through the winter months! Read More

Going for a dog dip?

Keep your canine family member safe while swimming this summer! Read More

Spring Pet Checklist!

Spring Checklist for Pets! Read More

Insect Bites!

Insect Bites in Pets Read More

Easter Lily Toxicity

Easter Lily Toxicity in Cats Read More

Keep Your Dog's Paws Healthy This Winter!

How to Keep Your Pet's Paws Healthy This Winter! Read More

One Health

One Health; how pets, people and our environments are all connected Read More

Ticks & Lyme Disease

Ticks & Lyme Disease in Pets Read More

Spring Is Here...Ahhhchooo!

Seasonal Spring Allergens and how they affect our pets Read More

Chocolate Toxicity & Pets

Chocolate toxicity & Pets Read More

New Year's Eve & Your Pet

For auld lang syne, my dear. For auld lang syne! Cheers! Amongst the glitter and champagne, the toasts and resolutions, the fireworks and…. Wait… Fireworks?! If you’ve ever experienced a Read More

Holiday Pet Safety Tips- Beware of Ice, Wires & Batteries!

Wires and Batteries: Many Christmas decorations these days require a power source to light up and play our favourite Christmas tunes. This means more opportunity for our pets to get into Read More

Think Twice Before Giving a Pet as a Present

While it might seem appealing to adopt a pet as a present for your family or friends, there are some important things to consider first. Beginning with the obvious;  a Read More

Christmas Decor & Pet Safety

Christmas decor- there's nothing more cozy than having a hot cup of cocoa or cider and getting cuddled up under a blanket around the Christmas tree.  Especially in the evening Read More

Fun Winter Activities for Your Pet!

Fun Winter Activities for Your Pet! Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 30 posts


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