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Christmas Decor & Pet Safety

Christmas decor- there's nothing more cozy than having a hot cup of cocoa or cider and getting cuddled up under a blanket around the Christmas tree.  Especially in the evening with candles and the twinkly lights on, it's such a beautiful time of year!  However, it's important to be aware that some of our most shiny, most beautiful decorations can sometimes pose the greatest risks to our furry family members! 

Keep Christmas tree ornaments and small, breakable objects out of reach. These can cause intestinal blockage or toxicity if ingested. Fragile ornaments that have been knocked down and broken or shattered can cause lacerations or cuts to both you and your pet. Any homemade or food-based ornaments can also be very tempting such as candy canes (which can contain xylitol poisonous to your dog!) or salt dough.  

While tinsel can be very appealing to look at, it is also very tempting to play with, especially for cats. While small and thin, tinsel can create a lot of damage by sawing through the gastrointestinal tract if ingested, requiring emergency surgical removal and can in some cases even be fatal. 

Finally, don’t forget about candles! Curious pets may burn themselves by getting to close or start a fire if they knock a candle over. Ensure your candles are secure in an appropriate holder and placed on a stable surface that is inaccessible to your pet. Blow the candles out when you are unable to supervise directly.

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