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At Wascana Animal Hospital, one of our top priorities is to minimize patient (and therefore owner!) stress whenever possible to make examinations easier on everyone.  In both our exam rooms Read More

Holiday Hazards

Well Christmas is almost upon us here in Regina and if anyone has tried going to Costco lately, you can tell that the "frenzy" is truly on right now!  We Read More

Winter Warnings

We have been blessed so far this year in the Queen City to have had such a warm and long-lasting fall season.  That said, we do live in Saskatchewan and Read More

Old's not a disease!

One of the common things our veterinarians hear from owners of senior pets displaying physical or mental health symptoms is "Well he/she's old now so I guess this is normal". Read More

What are zoonotic diseases?

This week at Wascana Animal Hospital we have been promoting the concept of "One Health" as we help the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) celebrate Animal Health Week.  Some of Read More

One Health

We are celebrating and promoting Animal Health Week at Wascana Animal Hospital!  The theme this year is the concept of "One Health".  Have you ever thought about how closely the Read More

Fall Factors

Fall has officially arrived here in the Queen City!  For this week (at least so far!), we have been able to enjoy some sunshine and the falling leaves.  The fall season Read More

What exactly is a hypoallergenic diet?

Allergies are one of the more common issues that veterinarians see pets for.  Sometimes the allergy affects the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract and causes vomiting and diarrhea problems, other times it may Read More

Bang, Boom, Crash!...Summer Noise

Summer is a time for enjoying the heat, spending time outdoors at the lake, and taking in the warm weather festivities.  Unfortunately for our pets though, summer can also bring Read More

Important Rabies Information

Rabies is one of those diseases that many people have heard of but often don't think about as being a significant threat to themselves or their pets and livestock here Read More

Summer Travel with Pets

Ah summer, we look forward to the warm weather and long weekends and time outdoors...and of course we want to be able to share all of this with our furry Read More

Warm Weather Watch

Finally we have been seeing some beautiful warm weather in Regina that has stuck around!  While we all enjoy the sunny days outdoors with our pets, there are some things Read More

April is Heartworm Awareness Month!

Spring has finally arrived here in Regina and hopefully the warmer days are here to stay...unfortunately, the mosquitoes have arrived as well and we all know they plan to stay Read More

All About Microchips

Pet identification has become increasingly important over the past several years as many households now have at least one pet.  Also now more than ever, pet owners like to travel with Read More

Do I Need Pet Insurance?

Pet you really need it?  Sometimes the amount of insurance a human seems to have to acquire throughout life is daunting; we have vehicle insurance, medical and dental insurance, disability, Read More

Acupuncture Therapy

Many times as owners of pets with chronic or even acute severe medical conditions, we find ourselves feeling like we would like to do more to help our animals but we aren't Read More

Viewing 65 - 80 out of 85 posts


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