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Feline Oral Resorptive Lesions (FORLs)

Wascana Animal Hospital in Regina, SK discusses a common dental issues in cats that our veterinarians see. Read More

Dental Treatments at Wascana Animal Hospital

Dental procedures for your pet family member at Wascana Animal Hospital Read More

The Lowdown on Lab Work

Wascana Animal Hospital explains common lab tests performed in our pet family members and how the samples are collected. Read More

Christmas Holiday Plant Tips

Wascana Animal Hospital discusses common Christmas holiday plants and possible risks with ingestion. Read More

'Tis the Season! Protect your pet from these Holiday Hazards...

Holiday Hazards that pet owners should be aware of! Read More

Marijuana & Your Pet

Wascana Animal Hospital talks about recent marijuana legalization and how it affects your pet. Read More

Pot for Pets?

A review of cannabis and how it can affect your pet as well as signs & symptoms of marijuana toxicity in pets. Read More

Parasite Pitfalls!

It's fall here in Regina and with this season arriving we tend to see an increase in the number of patients who are scratching!  Fall is definitely a "trigger" season Read More

Back to School...Back to Scratching?

Fall is here and it's back to school week in the Queen City!  For the moment, we have been able to enjoy some sunshine and the beautiful colored leaves, however fall brings with Read More

Questions about the squirm? Why you should deworm!

Deworming is a topic we have blogged in the past about, however with the current media attention that tapeworms have been getting, we thought it would be a great idea Read More

Senior Cat Wellness

It is true that age itself is not a disease, but there are certainly some health changes that occur in senior cats, just as we experience changes in ourselves.  Sleeping Read More

Reminder about Rabies!

Rabies is one of those diseases that many people have heard of but often don't think about as being a significant threat to themselves or their pets and livestock here Read More

Beaches & Boating

Summer is so short in Saskatchewan, so when the weather is beautiful there's often no better place to be than the lake enjoying the beach and boating...and who better to squeeze Read More

Beware of Foxtail!

If you have taken a walk around your neighborhood or to the dog park, chances are you have seen foxtail.  Many people aren't aware of the potential pitfalls of this common Read More

Thunder Nananananana!

While most of us look forward to the warm summer weather and being able to enjoy more activities outside, there are unfortunately some parts of this season that many pets aren't Read More

The Gem Show...Crystals & Stones!

Urinary issues are a common concern that our veterinarians see patients for here in Regina.  While inappropriate urination can stem from many different causes, one of those causes can be due to Read More

Viewing 33 - 48 out of 85 posts


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